19 Sep

Versed in making a sophisticated combat aircraft, of an easy thing for Russia to make a great supercar.

Marussia Motors reportedly has produced supercar B1 and B2, then the company also will inaugurate its first showroom in Moscow.

In 2008 ago, actually Marussia has introduced the first draft of the B1. However, vehicles featuring hybrid engine at the time, was suspended while the process of development.

Finally this year the Russian automotive manufacturer decided to introduce a second model in addition to B1, B2, using the name. The first model comes with a more conventional design, while the second uses a radical approach.

The second model of the car is actually quite similar but there are differences in some parts, while also both cars use the same machine. Actually, Marussia offers its customers to choose between three versions of the Cosworth 3.6-liter V6 powerplant. But with the energy levels vary, the motors that provide power 300 hp, 360 hp and 420 hp versions. High-powered engine, and advocated a mild bogy would make B1 and B2 can be sped along. Because it exists at the scales Russian car weighs just 1100 kg. if you’re in a hurry, it seems appropriate to use this car, because the speed of 0-62 mph in only able to consume 3.2 seconds.

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Posted by on September 19, 2010 in Super Cars


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